Monday, February 23, 2009

Persephone needs..

Google your name followed by the word needs then list the results, if you wish to join in.

These are my results and responses:

1. Persephone needs a new drummer : Not exactly the literal term 'New Drummer'. Let's look into this deep and wise like. My drum beat is becoming a bit off tempo, I'm suddenly letting other people's emotions and dealings effect me, slowly pulling myself off course from my beat to other beats. The mix up doesn't sound too tight. I'm gonna need to set a few things straight with myself and go back to my smooth rhythmic course.

2. Persephone needs you : This sounds a bit familiar with the term Uncle Sam used "I need you..". Truth is, I do need you, not for war or whatever, but for the sake of my sanity. Think about it, don't we all need someone.

3. A Persephone woman needs a strong, loving man to support her through painful but necessary transformation : Okay, this sounds a bit cheesy pie. And as much as I would love to disagree and say that I can handle things on my own no matter what transformation the honest to God truth is simply not so. I do need someone, whether it be a strong, loving man or just a friend. I'm a person where I can easily find comfort crying over someones shoulder after a troublesome time. If I attempt to get past it on my own I'll probably wind up going insane. Somethings I can't get over by myself.

4. Persephone needs some tags : This, I'm happy to say, is something I could live without. I don't need a tag stuck to my shirt describing who I am. Drama Queen, Hippie, Geek, Artiest, etc. The only tag I'll be willing to wear is one that says : Persephone.

5. Persephone needs about 14- 16 days for production by a talented artiest : When I put 'Persephone needs' on the google engine and got this I was a bit hesitant to put it up in the blog, it was obvious to what it meant but I wasn't exactly sure how I was to put this little phrase into my life until I thought about this little scenario. I suppose everyone would love to look and act like the best thing since cheesecake. A lot of people would give a lot to fit a certain mold, I mean, look at how much plastic surgeons profit these days. Even in the personality trait, we go to other people's advice and take their opinions to change our inner beings. I suppose we all look up to that talented artiest, in hope that maybe they could form you into a better person. I know I was guilty in this, still am to an extent, but making yourself into a better art piece isn't depending on the artiest to do it for you. You, as in your own artiest, has to paint your being into exactly that, your being. It's going to be beautiful, talented or not.

6. Persephone needs a soapbox : Oh wow, I cannot stress enough to how much this is accurate. I cannot express to you on how much I just want to scream out my opinions about everything, anything, nothing. A soapbox would be very nice.

What do you need?

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