Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nick's Beautiful

Unexpectedly, after days of witnessing the flaws and amazing qualities, the person seems to change in appearance. Good or bad.

I have a type, yes, the whole tall, dark, and handsome fits nicely in my category of good looking. I DO think looks matter and play a good role in a relationship, but recent events that have passed led me to believe that looks can change depending on how the person behaves and responds to everything.

There was this boy I took fancy to a year back. I thought he was the cutest thing, sandy blonde hair, tall, built, charming smile, etc. Nothing wrong, nothing at all. I started to talk to him and personality started to spill out of his ears, more like dribble slowly then cease unexpectedly. The boy had no pizzazz, no interesting quality about him, everything was dull
and expecting.

His looks seemed to have died down dramatically.
My attraction was no longer an attraction.

Now an opposite example. :] So, not long ago [about two months] I recently became acquainted to a boy named Nick. It was during the Carnival Tableau and we were both performing, me singing and him playing the guitar [we were not together]. Yes, he was cute, but nothing to die for. Being in a relationship at the time my attraction to him was very limited.

But the relationship I had died out and my single, distraught self took a vow to never date again.

My friendship with Nick took it’s course right side up and we soon became inseparable. We loved spending time with each other, just chilling in the park or going eat at some amazing Chinese restaurant. His personality struck me as pure awesomeness. And things started to change, I noticed that his appearance became more pleasing to the eye, not that it wasn’t before. It’s as if he started to take form into his personality. I saw more about him, the way his dimples showed whenever he smile, the cute expression he made with just his eyebrows, that beard, oh that beard! The flaws that were once there seemed to have lost focused and all I could see was the good parts.

I guess, to be blunt about it, if your personality stinks, then your ugly.
If your personality is amazing, then your beautiful.

Nick is beautiful & yes he is the one in the photo


  1. yeah.... he's pretty damn cute!!! Nice to know he's beautiful on the inside too!

  2. Like jam on toast, like ducks on june bugs, like fire and ice, like beans and rice...He's ALWAYS at the house now. Yes, he's pretty darn cute, and he plays guitar and he sings and he writes songs...FOR HER. Hmphf.

  3. So true Persephone. Lucky Nick. Does he know he's on your blog?

    The same is true with children...
    Cute little brats soon lose the cute and become brats only.
    Ordinary kids who behave well (though RARE) become cutie-patooty kids.

  4. haha, yes, he does. I made him read it, he told me I made his entire year 10 times better. I hope he realizes how much he made my life better [as cheesy and conry as that may sound]

  5. Awwww.... I love stories like this!
    So happy you met a nice guy who writes songs for you. :) (And of whom you can write blogs about.)
    Yeah, good looks are nice, but won't keep you entertained for long...

  6. And those eyes Seph! Those eyes! And yes, the day he sang "Hey Jude" in Momos kitchen was great...that is until your mom and me joined in hehe.