Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We move, to the left or the right. We move forward, always forward, either in a negative or positive way. Break off connections with used to be friends or keep a childhood friend forever. Get a job, get fired, promotion? Fall in love, break up, be broken up with, decisions. What we choose to do in every situation reflects on our lives, makes us smarter, a little more experienced then before. Whatever the case, we always go forward, never backwards. I’m seventeen, pretty young and my progression in experience is turning, roller coaster style.

I’m meeting new people, feeling different things, eating new foods, curiosity is still overwhelming. I have a long way to go before I know everything.

PEOPLE: From A to Z the people I meet are all different and effect the way my life turns. I can’t stop and tell you how many people changed my life in a small or big way. How many people I was friends with, how many people I still am friends with, how many people I’ll lose later, how many I love, how many I dislike, how many people I’ll meet and have a life changing experience with. The Best Friend, The Boyfriend, The Girlfriend, The Hero, The Enemy, The annoying little girl in gym class that always asks for a dollar. It’s insane to actually think about people, and their effect on other people. I love people, even if they sometimes hurt.

EXPERIONCE: Your first day of school. First speech in front of the entire 1st grade English class. Your first stomach twisting crush. Your first kiss, first heartbreak, first job, first accomplishment, first band you listen to, first graduation, first, first, FIRST! Everything you do for the very first time is a new experience. And every time you do this, feel this, or regret this your going to pile on to the wisdom inside your brain. Experience is good, but maybe not always experiencing something for the first time. I wish there was a book with everything I would face in life and how I should deal with it. But there’s not, so I guess I’ll just predict the unpredictability in life…awesome :P

CURIOSITY: Without this, we wouldn’t have experience. We’d be boring people that never progress and always live their lives day by day by day by day…always the same. Curiosity is what made you touch fire on the stove…it also made you realize how stupid that action really was. Curiosity had you read an amazing book your friends have been talking about and let you develop a passion for reading. Curiosity led you to a girl or boy who either made you the happiest kid on the block or hurt you from rejection. Curiosity had you learn from past mistakes, find passion in any hobby, and it allowed you to take risks.

This was a somewhat random blog I posted, but I’m glad I posted it. Hope you enjoyed reading it :]


  1. Very random, very interesting, use spell check, I enjoyed reading it. Love you, mom.

  2. I'm Old As Dirt, and I too "have a long way to go before I know everything."
    Love your perspective. Blog on.

  3. It's always good to be curious and experience new things, no matter how old one is. :)
    I really enjoyed your blog, keep writing!