Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Father of Mine

Remember me? I guess not, it’s been seventeen years. I hate to get personal but it kind of did affect me. What made you decide to have nothing to do with me? I suppose I can’t get angry from something I couldn’t control. I heard you were a good guy, someone funny, someone everyone liked. I hear I received a lot of facial features from you. It’s awesome to have a stranger’s face.

I can’t lie, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have you in my life and I have considered in finding you. Ask you a few questions, really personal questions. But I decided against it, why make an effort in finding someone when they couldn’t do the simple decency in keeping touch with their own daughter? I’m not mad though.

I hear you have a nice little family up where ever you are. A daughter not too younger than myself. Good for you, I really hope she’s the light of your life.

I sometimes wonder if you ever take the time and think about me. Wonder if I’m doing alright, if I’m happy, what kind of activities I’ve achieved. Well…your daughter has found many talents like drawing, singing, acting, writing…She made best supporting actress this year, drew a lot of portraits, sung in carnival tableaux, are you proud?

You missed so much, my first day of school, all 17 birthday parties, sleepovers, first fascination with make up, my play performances, my very first portrait, first dance, first love, first heartbreak, my AB honor rolls, etc, etc;

I’m doing so well though, seriously, my mom married and I now have a father figure who loves me very much. I have four awesome siblings, all very beautiful and special. You missed out.

I hope your well, father of mine.


  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing. As you said, you definitely have found a talent for writing!

  2. 'nother good post.
    This dude missed. Out.

  3. What a hearfelt and emotionally raw post. You are quite the writer with a very authentic voice. And Housewife is right. You Dad definitely is missing out.

  4. What an open, honest post to put out there. You have a wonderful way with words. I found your blog from your mom's. I think she is special!
    You're dad is the one who has suffered a great loss, missing having a relationship with someone as bright as you.

  5. I've always loved the world through your eyes Sephie, and yes...his is the greatest loss and our greatest gain. Love you always.