Sunday, May 10, 2009

He wrote me a song,

I don't exactly expect sweet things [like really amazingly sweet things] to happen to me during a relationship. Yes, I am now in a relationship again, go figure, I really can't seem to keep myself for myslef, not that I'm complaining because this new boy called Nick isn't anything less than amazing. He asked me out through a fortune cookie, when I opened it and saw my name I nearly peed in my pants from terror, but I recovered quickly after noticeing he had slipped the paper in. That was a HUGE relief, but I wonder what he thought while he was watching my terrified face read the fortune.

Back to the point, I have a new boyfriend [see Nick's Beautiful blog] and he wrote me a song :]


  1. Yes, he wrote her a song, and asked her to be his main squeeze with a fortune cookie. Hrm. Should I be having the "talk" with him soon?

  2. The song was wonderful! I might've even shed a tear or two...
    Fortune cookie, smooth. ;)

  3. I know you missed me and have been waiting for days for my pearls of wisdom. [chortle]

    Nick's song is wonderful!

    (I hope I didn't disappoint - with the wisdom 'n all.)